Advanced Nutrition Programme

Feeding Skin from Within.

"When it comes to healthy skin, what you put inside the body can be as important as what you apply topically.

Advanced Nutrition Programme products can be combined to effectively target skin health".

Why take supplements?

In recent years the nutritional profile of food has changed and it is not always possible to obtain optimum levels of nutrition from our daily diet. High - Quality supplements can have a role to play in helping to ensure the daily intake and support a healthy, radiant complexion.

Advanced Nutrition Programme products contain only the finest ingredients that are easily absorbed by the body. There are no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners and where possible only the most natural components available are used.

We shall be stocking a range of skin care supplements which will help provide key vitamins and plant extracts to help build collagen and maintain plump firm looking skin, support healthy skin, hair, nails and total body well-being and a range containing skin omegas to aid skin hydration and maintain mind and body. There is also a wellbeing range which helps with the immune system, keep joints supple and flexible and maintain a healthy heart and digestive system. The metabolic Support is nutritional support for those following a weight loss plan and contains key nutrients which may help to manage appetite and play a role in the body's natural management of fats and carbohydrates.

This is an exciting addition to our salon and we look forward to talking to you about the programme that suits your needs.

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